Style Inspiration ~ Sex and the City




Style Inspiration: Sex and the City


Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte- our favorite New York gals certainly have style both on and off screen.  As a hair stylist and makeup artist I love looking for style inspiration,  it gets me excited and motivated to go out and experiment with new looks!  I have put together some of my favorite “wedding appropriate” styles from the stars of Sex and the City, hope they inspire you!


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Sarah Jessica Parker  ~  Carrie Bradshaw

 This “Ballerina” Chignon is Perfect for a modern, sophisticated bride.  You should have a great face shape and features to wear this style.

 These bohemian

“Undone” Curls” work great with natural curls or wrap hair around a large curling iron and tousle using a pomade.

 These gorgeous classic curls are perfect for any bride as long as you have thick enough hair to pull it off.  Otherwise, invest in some hair extensions.

 The Dramatic Structured

style of this hair is very classic but the size of the curls in back give it a bold statement.  For the true fashionista!

 This “deconstructed” updo is so hot right now.  It is modern and trendy yet still timeless.

 Soft, flowing old Hollywood curls.  I love the flower or for a more understated look, add a headband.

 Another classic look, soft and romantic yet very modern.  You could pair this look with many different accessory options to change the feel.

 This is probably the trendiest of the looks I found simply because of the “undone” look of the curls but it is certainly still beautiful enough to wear down the aisle.

 I just love the fresh 1970s feel of this look.  Perfect for a casual beach wedding or backyard nuptials.

 This style is sleek and sophisticated.  Perfect for a black tie affair.  Make sure that the hair is completely smooth and shiny.

 This style is similar to the ballerina chignon at top but made more modern by changing up the look and size of the bun.

 This vintage inspired “Audrey Hepburn” updo is so classic!  Pair it with modern accessories for a timeless yet contemporary look.


Cynthia Nixon  ~  Miranda Hobbes

 Soft, flowing curls make this style perfect for a beach wedding.  Add a tropical flower to finish the look.

 This classic low updo is a great choice for a bride without much hair length who still wants to wear her hair up.

 This is a great option for a mother of the bride.  Soft and youthful while not being to “young”.

 I just love this look.  It is very simple but I love the color of her hair and how the front piece is curled away from the face.

 This is probably the most traditionally bridal look I found on Cynthia- just beautiful.

 This is a style that I could also see looking gorgeous on the mother of the bride or an older bride.  Gorgeous and modern yet not too young.


What I love about this look is the combination of a soft, simple hairstyle paired with smoky eyes. 


This is a great illustration of how hair extensions can be used to add length- love it!


Kristin Davis  ~  Charlotte York

 I love how this style incorporates the classic bang and fullness on top with the look of more modern “unkempt” curls.

 Another great example of old Hollywood curls.  A perfect modern yet timeless choice for brides.

 I am not typically a fan of brides who wear their hair perfectly straight and down but I can see it working if their hair is this gorgeous and shiny.

 One of the few updo photos of Kristin I found.  This one is classic and elegant- beautiful!


Love the fullness of this hairstyle!!!  So sexy.  Just make sure you have the length and thickness to pull it off. 


This gorgeous classic 1/2 down style is the perfect choice for a bride whose wedding is on the formal side but doesn’t want to wear her hair all up.


Kim Cattrall  ~  Samantha Jones

What I really like about this style is that it is a great example of a style that is formal and polished without being too curly or “done”.

This vintage inspired look is not easy to pull off but Kim Cattrall does it beautifully.


A beautiful example of a 1/2 down style.  Very young without being too juvenile.


 I had to add this photo I found of Kim as a bride.  Very beautiful.  She looks a little like Katherine Heigl.


This is my favorite look I found of Kim’s.  It is so soft and beautiful.  I just LOVE it!


This is the side view of the style to the left.  I like the detail of the hair going back.  It looks like the back is made up of a bun of messy curls.


Another vintage inspired look.  A great option for shoulder length hair or you can also create this look on long hair by doing a “faux bob”.


This style is the perfect option for a young sexy mother of the bride.  Loose tousled curls and soft pretty makeup.


This soft, beautiful updo could be easily played up or down using accessories to match any style wedding.


Although this style is probably the least “bridal,  it is so simple yet so sexy, I had to add it.

 Want more inspiration?  Visit Hair Comes the Bride’s Bridal Looks Page


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