2012 American Music Awards Hair and Makeup ~ Our Favorite Picks

The Updos

She looked like an angel! Loved the soft makeup and sophisticated hair!

Sleek and elegant…gorgeous!

Perfectly “imperfect” updo…LOVE IT!

Simple, soft and glowing…..LOVE!

The undone updo. Soft and romantice.

Down and Sexy

OMG…..this girl is the bomb! SO sexy!

Sexy while still being elegant! GORGEOUS!

Different look for Christina. She looks angelic! LOVE IT!

Soft and sophisticated. Love the soft makeup!

Vintage Inspired

Kesha went for a soft, vintage look. Not sure about the ear vine but overall, love it!

Cute 1930s vibe! Perfect!

Cute, young with a 1960s flair! Super cute!

Very modern messy look but with a 1930s inspiration. Fabulous!!!!

This girl is the ultimate sexy rock star! So great with her vintage vibe!

Jenny took a risk with this vintage rock star look and it totally paid off…..LOVE….LOVE….LOVE!

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