That’s What She Said……Throwing a Bridal Shower

women-at-bridal-shower1The bridal shower is a time to spoil the bride. The question is: who throws the big bridal bash? Traditionally, the Maid of Honor is the one to take on the task. Most brides agreed that the responsibility should be evenly distributed among the bridal party to alleviate stress on the MOH. Some still believe that the Maid of Honor should hold the reigns.

We asked brides, “Who’s in charge of hosting? Do you think it is the Maid Of Honor’s duty or a group effort of all the bridesmaids combined?”  Here are some of our favorite answers:

“Usually the Maid of Honor does it but I think if all the bridesmaids did it together it would probably be a better turn out.”   -Jamie C.

“The Maid of Honor could be the leader, but everyone should help out as a group. It takes the pressure off of one person and everyone can help make the bride’s day!”   -Kortney W.

“I think it should be a group effort. The maid of honor should head up the project but the bride chose all the maids for a reason they all are special to her so they should have a hand in planning her special night…..with email, social networking, and smartphones these days there really is no reason the entire group can’t plan a wonderful evening for the bride.”   -Pamala W.

“I think everyone should be involved. The maid of honor has so many other duties and I think it makes the rest of the girls feel like they have more of a role than just walking down the aisle. And with all the girls involved it gives them more ideas of what to do that day, 3,4,5, or 6 heads are better than 1 :)”   -Brandi K.

“I think it’s the MOH’s responsibility to initiate the process and include the members of the wedding party who are willing to physically and financially participate in the shower. Too many times, a few do the work and financially contribute but all take the credit!”   -Maria D.

“Make a group effort!!! What if the maid of honor doesn’t have the funds to throw a beautiful unforgettable shower. With the help of allll the ladies included makes it not so stressful on that one person, And she can Thank allll her ladies for it, not just that one…”   -Tawatha M.

“I think it should be a group effort… I wouldn’t want any one person in charge of that kind of financial responsibility.”   -Jessica H.

“I would like all the bridesmaids to be involved, but that’s easier said than done. I do like the idea of having my Maid of Honor handling it because she would know me the best (I hope) and its one person handling the event rather than different minds trying to make a decision.”   -Vi P.

“I think it should be the maid of honor! That person is probably the person that knows the bride the best and more than likely is her sister or best friend! If others want to help then that would be fantastic!!”   -Marisa W.

“I think it should be a group effort. So in the end the Maid of honor and bridesmaids all feel as though they did something special for the bride-to-be. It’s also a plus if they all didn’t know eachother before planning the bridal shower they will afterwards. It’s a win win for everyone ; )”   Alaya L.

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