Product Review ~ Conair Cordless Curling Iron

Conair Cordless Curling IronWhen we were getting ready to do our series of vintage photos shoots, there were a few looks that I knew I  wanted to change hairstyles mid-shoot.  I wouldn’t have access to an outlet to plug in any equipment on location so I started to wonder if anyone makes a cordless curling iron???  Well, they do!  I did a search and found that Conair makes a cordless curling iron that heats up using propane (like a lighter).  I was a little skeptical but the iron was only around $25 so I decided to order it and give it a try.  It was a little scary at first using propane to heat it up, bit it was actually super easy and worked really well.  The cordless iron comes in two sizes and they also make a cordless straightening iron.  The propane did run out fairly quickly so I suggest you have a spare on hand.  But, overall, for a stylist who does work on location or for anyone who needs to create or touch up a style and doesn’t have access to an outlet, this is a pretty clever little gadget to have on hand!

How to Wear Burgundy Lipstick on Your Wedding Day or Any Day!

Wearing a dramatic deep burgundy lip on your wedding day is not for everyone but with the right look and for the right bride, it can be stunning!  Here are some of our favorite burgundy lip looks and our tips on how to wear this red hot (or should we say burgundy hot) trend!

Deep Burgundy Lips Deep Burgundy Lips Deep Burgundy Lips Deep Burgundy Lips Deep Burgundy Lips Deep Burgundy Lips

Tip #1 More Contrast  = More Dramatic

What is so beautiful and striking about this look is the contrast.  Keep in mind that the more fair your skin is, the more dramatic this look will be on you.  Also, the more intense the shade of burgundy you choose, the more dramatic as well.  To really make a statement, try Darkest Burgundy Red by Kat Von D.

Style: "P 30 Product - Ultra sharp"

Tip #2 Keep It Monochromatic

A clean, fresh eye or an understated slightly smokey eye both look great with a burgundy lip, just make sure to keep the rest of your makeup clean and monochromatic.  Also, make sure that your face makeup is light and fresh, too much foundation and blush is going to make you look like you were playing in your mommy’s makeup.  Try just a sweep (not too much) of a complimentary blush color like this one from Makeup Forever in Deep Burgundy.


Tip #3 Lighten Up

Love this look but just not sure if you want to make such a bold statement (especially on your wedding day), try a less intense version by opting for a sheer burgundy lip gloss.  I love this Black Honey Lip Duo by Clinique that is actually a light “almost” lipstick on one side and a sheer lip gloss on the other.  Try wearing each one individually and then together to play with different looks.


Tip #4 Keep it Clean

There is no room for error with this type of look, you need to make sure that you keep things clean and in line and that your lipstick doesn’t bleed.  One way to do this is to outline AND color in your lips with a complimentary lip liner before applying a lipstick.  Also, remember that the more sheer the lipstick (or lip gloss) the more tendency it will have to bleed and come off.  If you really want to make this look easy AND have the staying power to last all day, try this all in one lipliner and highly pigmented lipstick by NARS in Deep Aubergine.


Have fun with this look and let us know what you think by visiting Hair Comes the Bride on Facebook!  We would love to hear from you.

MAC Making Pretty Collection

This collection has been out for about a month but I have been trying to be good and not spend any money on makeup!!!  But, I needed some lashes for my upcoming photo shoots darnit and saw this adorable line!  I am such a sucker for gorgeous packaging AND their makeup is so yummy too!  Anyways, thought I would share it with you since it is very bridal.   ENJOY!

MAC Making Pretty Collection



Sheer Powder in Three Shades $65


Lipstick in Two Classic Shades $28


Delicious Iridescent Powder $65

The Best Makeup Foundation For Brides

Having been a bridal hair and makeup artist for over 15 years and a total makeup junkie for even longer, I have tried just about every single foundation available, but, I always seem to come right back to my absolute faves….here they are.  Enjoy!

MAC Face and Body-

I love the shearness of this foundation, plus you can layer it so it will work for 90% or your clients. It gives a nice coverage but does not cover the natural beauty of the skin. I can match probably 80% of my clients with either C2-C3 or C5.

I personally like to put on the foundation with a brush and then dab it in with a makeup sponge but whatever technique works for you, as long as you are getting a fresh, clean application. Remember to only layer foundation where it is most needed.

Makeup Forever HD

For the remaining 10% of my client’s who need or want more coverage, I use Makeup Forever HD Foundation. Just like the MAC Face and Body, Makeup Forever’s colors are yellow based and look gorgeous on every skin type!

With this foundation, I put the initial application on with a brush and then I tend to use a combination of a sponge and my fingers to get a nice, even application.

Chanel Natural Finish Powder

I like to finish both of these foundations off with a gorgeous, silky Chanel Univeral powder.

This natural finish powder comes in only three colors with seem to work with all of my client’s to lightly finish off and set their foundation.

My All Time Favorite Lip Gloss- EVER!!!

I have never been much of a lipstick wearer.  I lean more towards lipgloss or even a tinted lip balm.  So, I was thrilled when I found what has quickly become my all time favorite lip gloss EVER!  Chanel Scintillantes Gloss in #11.  It’s not too thick, not too thin, not too sticky and it is the perfect mix of pink, gold and shimmer.  AND, it’s perfect for a bride either alone or over a lipstick or lipliner.  It’s not cheap at $29.50 but it lasts a long time and is a great way to feel special and splurge on something “designer” without breaking the bank.

Redhead Bridal Makeup

I love doing redhead makeup! Since I love a monochromatic bridal look, I think that redheads definitely look their most gorgeous when their makeup colors highlight their natural skin and hair coloring. Now I don’t mean that you literally use reds on redheads, most redhead’s hair and skin color is more of a gorgeous tawny, copper, orange or peachy color, but along with those colors, I do also love a light red (aka pink) on my redheads. I have included some of my favorite redhead makeup looks, all by Hair Comes the Bride (of course) and my favorite MAC makeup colors for redheads- Enjoy!

My Favorite MAC colors for Gorgeous Redhead Makeup. You really can’t go wrong with any combination of these colors when doing makeup for redheads of all shades.

BLUSH – Style, Sincere, Melba and Peaches

EYESHADOW (Highlighters)- Somoa Silk, Honey Lust, Ricepaper and Arena

EYESHADOW (Crease Color)- Antiqued, Red Brick, Coppering and Saddle

LIPSTICK- (Lighter Shades) High Tea, Creme d’ Nude and Ravishing

LIPSTICK- (Darker Shades) Crosswire, Chili and Costa Chic

LIPGLOSS- Rich Lustre, Fashion Whim and Double Dare