What I’m Obsessed With This Week…..My Perfect 3 WEEK Manicure!

I am a busy-body…always on the go!  And, until now, I have never been able to sit still long enough to let my nails dry, so, I had to settle for one quick coat of clear polish and out the door….UNTIL…..the invention of the gel nail polish!!!!  I can finally wear fun colors on my nails and if it’s done right, it can last 3 weeks or longer!  If you haven’t tried it yet, do!

Here are a few tips to make sure your manicure stays:

1)  Make sure that your manicurist does not get any of the polish (even a little bit) on your cuticles, otherwise it will create a little ridge of polish when it grows out which looks funky AND is just too tempting to pick out and

2)  Make sure you stay under the lights that dries the polish for a final ten minutes (or longer), anything less and I have found the manicure doesn’t last as long.

3)  Go for the gel polish NOT the gel powder.  I had horrible luck with the powder!

4) When you are ready to remove the polish, make sure that you soak off the polish and DON’T let your manicurist scrape or file your nails down to nothing.

Follow my tips and you can have a fabulous 3 week+ manicure too!!!  Good Luck!