Product Review ~ Conair Cordless Curling Iron

Conair Cordless Curling IronWhen we were getting ready to do our series of vintage photos shoots, there were a few looks that I knew I  wanted to change hairstyles mid-shoot.  I wouldn’t have access to an outlet to plug in any equipment on location so I started to wonder if anyone makes a cordless curling iron???  Well, they do!  I did a search and found that Conair makes a cordless curling iron that heats up using propane (like a lighter).  I was a little skeptical but the iron was only around $25 so I decided to order it and give it a try.  It was a little scary at first using propane to heat it up, bit it was actually super easy and worked really well.  The cordless iron comes in two sizes and they also make a cordless straightening iron.  The propane did run out fairly quickly so I suggest you have a spare on hand.  But, overall, for a stylist who does work on location or for anyone who needs to create or touch up a style and doesn’t have access to an outlet, this is a pretty clever little gadget to have on hand!