Smell Good on Your Big Day (or any day)!

Ladies don’t sweat, we glisten, right? Ok, some of us actually sweat! On your wedding day (or any day for that matter), while we are hugging everyone and looking our most fabulous, the last thing we want to be thinking about is ‘do I stink?’

 If you aren’t already a fan of Philosophy products, check out their Amazing Grace line. I have been a fan of the body wash for about 8 years now and it doubles as a shampoo/bubble bath too! The soft feminine fragrance isn’t overpowering and leaves skin feeling silky, not greasy or over moisturized. The other day I was picking up a new bottle and I noticed they now have an antiperspirant/deodorant! OMG! I am always skeptical of perfumed deodorant’s ability to keep me dry and ‘unscented’ but this one delivered above and beyond my expectations! Not only do I stay dry all day but every now and then I get a nice ‘whiff’ of the soft fragrance. I love that the scent isn’t overpowering and it doesn’t have that late in the day deodorant smell…you all know what I mean?! Perfect wedding day (or any day) fragrance and odor control.