How to Wear Burgundy Lipstick on Your Wedding Day or Any Day!

Wearing a dramatic deep burgundy lip on your wedding day is not for everyone but with the right look and for the right bride, it can be stunning!  Here are some of our favorite burgundy lip looks and our tips on how to wear this red hot (or should we say burgundy hot) trend!

Deep Burgundy Lips Deep Burgundy Lips Deep Burgundy Lips Deep Burgundy Lips Deep Burgundy Lips Deep Burgundy Lips

Tip #1 More Contrast  = More Dramatic

What is so beautiful and striking about this look is the contrast.  Keep in mind that the more fair your skin is, the more dramatic this look will be on you.  Also, the more intense the shade of burgundy you choose, the more dramatic as well.  To really make a statement, try Darkest Burgundy Red by Kat Von D.

Style: "P 30 Product - Ultra sharp"

Tip #2 Keep It Monochromatic

A clean, fresh eye or an understated slightly smokey eye both look great with a burgundy lip, just make sure to keep the rest of your makeup clean and monochromatic.  Also, make sure that your face makeup is light and fresh, too much foundation and blush is going to make you look like you were playing in your mommy’s makeup.  Try just a sweep (not too much) of a complimentary blush color like this one from Makeup Forever in Deep Burgundy.


Tip #3 Lighten Up

Love this look but just not sure if you want to make such a bold statement (especially on your wedding day), try a less intense version by opting for a sheer burgundy lip gloss.  I love this Black Honey Lip Duo by Clinique that is actually a light “almost” lipstick on one side and a sheer lip gloss on the other.  Try wearing each one individually and then together to play with different looks.


Tip #4 Keep it Clean

There is no room for error with this type of look, you need to make sure that you keep things clean and in line and that your lipstick doesn’t bleed.  One way to do this is to outline AND color in your lips with a complimentary lip liner before applying a lipstick.  Also, remember that the more sheer the lipstick (or lip gloss) the more tendency it will have to bleed and come off.  If you really want to make this look easy AND have the staying power to last all day, try this all in one lipliner and highly pigmented lipstick by NARS in Deep Aubergine.


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Airbrush Bridal Makeup – Is it for you?

airbrush bridal makeupAirbrush makeup is super trendy and continues to grow in popularity. The big question is always: Is it right for me?  I have tried to simplify bridal airbrush for you so that you can better decide if airbrush is the way to go for your wedding day.

The Basics

First of all, the main difference between airbrush makeup and traditional makeup is the application.  The actual “airbrush” foundation is not dramatically different from “traditional” foundation. Traditional makeup application is done with a brush, fingers or a sponge. With airbrush makeup, the foundation is applied by being “blown” through a gun with the help of an air compressor. Each type of foundation can be applied using different methods. I have applied “airbrush foundation” traditionally with a sponge and my fingers. There are also some “traditional foundations” that can be used through an airbrush.

Not All Airbrush is Created Equal

Just like traditional foundation, airbrush foundations differ from brand to brand. I hate MAC airbrush foundation (although I LOVE their traditional foundation). I have used MAC’s Face and Body foundation through the airbrush machine with beautiful results. My favorite airbrush foundations are Temptu and Dinair. I’ve found that they are easier to work with than other airbrush makeup and they create a better finished product. It is also important to remember that, just like with any other aspect of makeup, it is important to find an artist who is good at what they do!  An airbrush gun is not a magic wand so don’t expect to get beautiful results every time, especially if the wrong product or artist is used.

Who Is It Best For

Like I mentioned before, the main difference when using airbrush is the application. If you think about it logically, traditional foundation gets rubbed in and airbrush foundation gets blown and therefore “lays” on top of your face.  It’s like staining a wall as opposed to painting it. Because of the application, airbrush can be a bit heavier looking and feeling than traditional so it is going to be best for someone who is comfortable wearing makeup or someone who wants or needs full coverage due to severe acne, scars or discoloration. If you want a more natural, clean look, traditional makeup is probably the best option for you. I typically prefer not to use it on “mature” skin, because I feel that it can accentuate fine lines and wrinkles.

Airbrush Blush, Eyeshadow and Eyeliner

I am personally not a fan of applying anything other than foundation with an airbrush. It is just too hard to blend (which is critical for a soft, natural look). There may be someone out there who is a genius artist at blending blush, eyeshadow or liner with an airbrush. However, I have never met or seen one.  Plus, there is really not any benefits that I can think of for applying anything but foundation with an airbrush.

Pros and Cons of Airbrush

Pros- Quick application, great for covering large areas of imperfections (acne, scars), creates a perfect, polished look.

Cons- Typically more expensive, can look blotchy if not applied correctly or if it did not dry sufficiently before other makeup was applied, may look and feel heavy.

Overall, my opinion is that airbrush is great for the right person.   If flawless coverage is more important than looking natural and/or you have major discoloration, scars or acne that you want to cover, airbrush may be a good choice for you.  If on the other hand, you like a more natural look and you have fairly clear, even skin, I say go with traditional foundation.  Either way though, I would say you should certainly give it a try and see if you like it.   I would actually ask your stylist if they would be willing to try it for free at your trial and then if you like it you can pay for it at the wedding.  OR, find a stylist who includes airbrush for free (like we do at Hair Comes the Bride).  But, remember what I said earlier about not all airbrush makeup and/or airbrush artists being created equal so, if you don’t like it the first time, don’t completely write it off, you may want to give it one or two more tries before you decide for sure if airbrush is or isn’t for you.

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