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That’s What She Said…..Man’s Best Friend

Dog_Ring_BearerHaving four-legged friends walking down the aisle can be a tricky subject. Many people embrace their pets as a part of the family. So, some argue, why wouldn’t you include them in the festivities? Although it’s untraditional, most agree that it is a very cute idea if the canine is well-behaved. One bride mentions how someone at your wedding may be afraid of dogs or even allergic. So, if you are worried that it may be problematic or if you don’t want Uncle John and Cousin Sally to have an allergic reaction, you may want to consider leaving the furry family members at home.

We asked our brides, “Is having a dog as a ring bearer cute or inappropriate?”  Here are some of our favorite answers:

“If we didn’t have a cruise wedding, I would have definitely included my dogs in our ceremony! Maybe not carrying the real rings, but still have them part of it all. :)”   -Heather A.

“Uh, I vote weird. It’s kind of cute, in a “Whoa, this person REALLY loves their pet obsessively” kind of way. lol”   -Kayte C.

“Yes….I love my doggie. If she were trained I would love to have her carry the ring. However, I think she would head straight for the cake and it would be an unforgettable performance.”   -Nathalie B.

“If you have an adorable, well-trained dog, then I would say it’s cute! Not so cute when a mangy dog tramps down the aisle and stops to pee on the wedding guests, lol!! Would make a funny story though! :D”   -Toni Moore

“Cute…but would have to have a perfectly behaved pup. Which I suppose can be just as difficult as getting a 2 year old to do the job, too! :)”   -Kathy T.

“If it’s a smaller ceremony that’s more informal and intimate, very cute and appropriate… a more formal setting or church ceremony, I don’t think it fits. However, including your pets in wedding photos or some other way that shows they’re “part of the family” – totally heartwarming:)”   -Rebecca S.

“It’s inappropriate, you never know who at your wedding is afraid of dogs or even allergic to them.”   -Melissa R.

“Cute cute cute! I love animals so if I saw a come down the aisle as a ring bearer I think it would be pretty cool! They are a mans’ best friend haha maybe they could even take the place of the best man. Just kidding on the last statement”   -Lisa G.

“I say it depends on the bride and groom I would never have mine just because he would think it was a game of chase lol and start going after the flower girl :o) But I have been to one with a pet as long as they are well-behaved it is cute.”   -Rebecca G.

“I think that is the cutest thing in the world to have your dog as the ring bearer. It’s unique different and so non traditional. Your dog is apart of your family. So if you can pull it off then why not!”   -Alaya L.

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Best Websites to Start Planning a Wedding

Congratulations, you got engaged over the holidays!!!  Now what?  Knowing where to start planning can be quite overwhelming so I wanted to give you what we think are the three best places to start!  This is an exciting time in your life, remember to have fun!!!    Enjoy!

Wedding WireWedding Wire Planning Checklist

In my opinion, the BEST place to start when planning your wedding is Wedding Wire’s free wedding planning guide!  With it you can build your own wedding website where you can share the details with friends and family, you can figure out and track your budget, design your seating chart, compose and keep track of your guest list, save vendors you are interested in and keep track of everything you have done and still need to do with the handy wedding planning checklist!  Plus, Wedding Wire is a great place to find fabulous vendors!

The Perfect Palette

The Perfect Palette

This is such a GENIUS site!  At the Perfect Palette you can help decide your color theme, a very important element in your wedding planning process.  You can browse through over 1000 palettes or…..get this….request a personalized palette!  How cool is that???!!!



If you have not already signed up for a Pinterest account, now is the perfect time!  Pinterest is the ideal place to browse and save all of your wedding ideas and inspiration.  You can even set up different boards for your dress, reception ideas, favors, bouquets, hair and makeup, you name it!!!  But, warning, Pinterest can be very addicting!  Don’t be surprised when two hours flies by in the blink of an eye while you are browsing for ideas!

And, of course, when it comes time to decide on your bridal beauty, visit Hair Comes the Bride for lots of bridal beauty inspiration!

That’s What She Said……Throwing a Bridal Shower

women-at-bridal-shower1The bridal shower is a time to spoil the bride. The question is: who throws the big bridal bash? Traditionally, the Maid of Honor is the one to take on the task. Most brides agreed that the responsibility should be evenly distributed among the bridal party to alleviate stress on the MOH. Some still believe that the Maid of Honor should hold the reigns.

We asked brides, “Who’s in charge of hosting? Do you think it is the Maid Of Honor’s duty or a group effort of all the bridesmaids combined?”  Here are some of our favorite answers:

“Usually the Maid of Honor does it but I think if all the bridesmaids did it together it would probably be a better turn out.”   -Jamie C.

“The Maid of Honor could be the leader, but everyone should help out as a group. It takes the pressure off of one person and everyone can help make the bride’s day!”   -Kortney W.

“I think it should be a group effort. The maid of honor should head up the project but the bride chose all the maids for a reason they all are special to her so they should have a hand in planning her special night…..with email, social networking, and smartphones these days there really is no reason the entire group can’t plan a wonderful evening for the bride.”   -Pamala W.

“I think everyone should be involved. The maid of honor has so many other duties and I think it makes the rest of the girls feel like they have more of a role than just walking down the aisle. And with all the girls involved it gives them more ideas of what to do that day, 3,4,5, or 6 heads are better than 1 :)”   -Brandi K.

“I think it’s the MOH’s responsibility to initiate the process and include the members of the wedding party who are willing to physically and financially participate in the shower. Too many times, a few do the work and financially contribute but all take the credit!”   -Maria D.

“Make a group effort!!! What if the maid of honor doesn’t have the funds to throw a beautiful unforgettable shower. With the help of allll the ladies included makes it not so stressful on that one person, And she can Thank allll her ladies for it, not just that one…”   -Tawatha M.

“I think it should be a group effort… I wouldn’t want any one person in charge of that kind of financial responsibility.”   -Jessica H.

“I would like all the bridesmaids to be involved, but that’s easier said than done. I do like the idea of having my Maid of Honor handling it because she would know me the best (I hope) and its one person handling the event rather than different minds trying to make a decision.”   -Vi P.

“I think it should be the maid of honor! That person is probably the person that knows the bride the best and more than likely is her sister or best friend! If others want to help then that would be fantastic!!”   -Marisa W.

“I think it should be a group effort. So in the end the Maid of honor and bridesmaids all feel as though they did something special for the bride-to-be. It’s also a plus if they all didn’t know eachother before planning the bridal shower they will afterwards. It’s a win win for everyone ; )”   Alaya L.

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Planning a Last Minute Wedding?

Wanted to let everyone know about a cool new concept in planning a last minute wedding,  Ok, I have a confession to make, I actually started the site!  How cool is that?  Up until now, there have been very few resources for the bride who is planning a wedding last minute or maybe just needs one or two last minute wedding vendors.  The site is very easy to use and we (Hair Comes the Bride) will be posting our last minute wedding deals soon!

I hope you will take a minute and check it out!

Vendors available through Last Minute Wedding Deals:

Last Minute Wedding Photography, Last Minute Wedding Venues, Last Minute Wedding Videography, Last Minute Wedding Flowers, Last Minute Bridal Hair, Last Minute Wedding DJs and more…

“Coming Out” as a Gay Friendly Wedding Company

Hair Comes the Bride has always been a “gay friendly” company.  It feels weird to even call ourselves that because to me, it is a complete non-issue.  We did our first same sex commitment ceremony over 14 years ago and I am thrilled that we are now able to do same sex weddings (for our New York couples anyways).  I look forward to the day in which it is a non-issue for everyone and all gay couples will have the right to marry in whatever state they live.  So, with that being said, when we recently did a photo shoot for popular same sex wedding website I was suprised by my initial fear in posting the pics on our site and here on our blog.  I guess my fear was in offending potential clients who may be against gay marriage.  But, I am proud to say that my fear was short lived when I quickly came to my senses and realized that those are exactly the type of clients who we don’t really care to work with anyways.  I have such strong feelings about this issue and I kept thinking of the saying, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.”  Well, I am standing for equality!  Love is love and Hair Comes the Bride is proud to “come out” in support of gay marriage!

Here are the photos and video of the Equally Wed shoot….enjoy!

“I Do” for others…Wedding Related Charity Ideas

Some brides and grooms are lucky enough to have everything they need and want when they get married or maybe it is a second wedding and they don’t feel as though asking for gifts is appropriate.  Even if you decide not to forgo gifts all together (and please, this post is in no way to make you feel guilty if you do), there are many other ways in which you can use your wedding planning and/or wedding day to please your philanthropic nature.  Here are a few ideas and resources…

I Do Foundation (  Find resources to Give Back with your Registry, Give to Charities as Favors, Shop for Vendors who Donate a Portion of their Fee to Charity, Thank Your Attendants and more…

Feeding America (  Donate your uneaten wedding food to families and charities in need.

Brides Against Breast Cancer (  Donate or buy your dress at one their nationwide gown sales.  You can also host a “Pink Envelope” bridal shower.


BRIDES White Hot Hope (  An annual event held by Bride’s Magazine where brides can shop for a cause.  You can also purchase a cute “hope” bracelet.  For each purchase $5 will be donated to “Operation Smile” and “Dress for Success”.  They make really cute bridesmaids gifts!

Ten Thousand Villages (  Great inexpensive favors or bridesmaid’s gifts that help artisans in developing and third world countries.

The Charity Wedding (  Great ideas and resources to help you incorporate charity into your wedding day.