Trend Alert ~ Bridal Hair Bows

Gorgeous bridal bows are popping up everywhere and we are loving this trend. Bows are a classic way to add a fun, flirty and youthful touch to your wedding day look. Below are some examples of our favorite types of Bridal Bows.

Classic Bridal Bow

Sweet and vintage inspired, this bow is perfect with any sweet, classic or vintage bridal looks.


Feather Bridal Bow

A little on the funkier side, feather bows are perfect for the bride who isn’t afraid to do a little something different with her look.


Big Bridal Bow

If you really want to make a statement, go with a big, girly bow!  Perfect for the offbeat, non-traditional bride!


Rhinestone Bridal Bow

The most elegant and romantic of the choices, a beautiful rhinestone bow adds a touch of sparkle to any bridal look from trendy, to classic to romantic.


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Buying Bridal Accessories Online- What you see is what you get!

Buying online can be scary!  Many brides fear that the item they are purchasing is not truly represented and that when they get their item in the mail they will be disappointed.  Well, we want to make sure that when a bride orders a bridal hair comb, tiara, bridal veil or bridal hair flowers, she is confident that what she sees is what she gets.  So, in order to better ease our bride’s minds, every one of our items including a video detail.  Check out just a few but make sure you visit our Bridal Hair Accessory Store to shop for your perfect look!


That’s What She Said…..Wardrobe Change

More Than One Wedding DressEvery bride wants to feel special, elegant, and beautiful in her wedding dress. Generally, when you go dress shopping, you’re looking for “THE ONE”.  Would you want to change out of that wedding dress into a second?  Some brides claim that it’s a good idea to wear a longer dress for the ceremony and a shorter dress for the reception. Others say one amazing dress is expensive enough and brides should get their moneys worth by wearing it the entire day.

We asked, “What do you think of multiple dresses for the wedding day rather than that ONE dress?  Tell us why you would do one or the other!”  Here are some answers that may help you decide:

“It’s fun; can be a little over the top – but fun. It’s the one day that can be completely over the top – have fun with it! 🙂 I had 2 dresses, but 1 was a get-away dress (shorter) because it took multiple people to get me in and out of my princess dress and that didn’t seem fair to my husband! Lol” -Sara C.

“Just because you are princess doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your own comfort on your wedding day. Have the beautiful dress to walk down the aisle and the cute playful number to dance your first night as a Mrs. away. :)” -Trina M.

“I believe in 1 dress! You paid a pretty penny for it and after fittings you develop a relationship with you dress! The way it fits, the color, the way it makes you feel! No other dress can do that for you! I do believe in more than one shoe! I had pink heels for the ceremony and sequenced pink converse sneakers for the reception!” -Veronica R.

“I think you should only have 1 dress. Weddings are so hectic as it is I can’t imagine having to deal with a wardrobe change. I also think is nice to have that one special dress to remember that one special moment in your life.” -Jamie B.

“I only want one dress. I want to enjoy every possible minute of that day & feel like wardrobe changes would take away precious moments that could be spent with my new husband, our family & friends celebrating our special day. Plus, other areas of the budget would benefit from the extra money not spent on a second dress.” -Anne W.

“I’m personally doing just ONE dress. If I’m going to spend that much money on a dress, I want to wear it for as long as possible!” -Kristal B.

“I think the only wardrobe change I would make would be to take off something from the dress. like the tail that would make the dress easier to dance in. Nothing that will take a lot of time!” -Kenia P.

“I prefer only one dress. It has to be the dress and anything else would pale in comparison. If that is the case, why would you ever want to take it off. You only get one day to wear it!” -Patricia A.

“Your perfect dress is like your one true mate, you only need just one.” -Vee O.

“Good I personally had two dresses for my wedding day & loved it this was helped me since my mom wanted me to wear her dress & my mother in law also wanted me to wear hers too (since she only had sons) no one’s feeling were hurt & that caused me less stress on my wedding day ;-).” -Chris S.

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Sexy Plus Size Vintage Wedding Dresses

Plus size brides can often face a challenge when it comes to finding a sexy wedding gown that shows off her curves.  I often feel like some manufacturers just don’t get it when it comes to plus size gowns.  So, when I saw these vintage inspired plus size gowns by IGIGI, I thought, “Now, here you go….these are hot!”  Being a plus size gal myself, these dresses make me want to renew my vows.  Come to think of it, it will be mine and my husband’s 20th wedding anniversary in August….hmmmmm?????

You can find out more about these dress at

Sexy Plus Size Wedding Dress

Celene Wedding Dress – $375

Sexy Plus Size Wedding Dress

Eugina Wedding Dress – $570

Sexy Plus Size Wedding Dress

Gisela Wedding Gown – $235

Sexy Plus Size Wedding Dress

Trend Alert- Designer Flower Headbands

Flower hair wreaths and headbands are all over the bridal message boards, bridal blogs and Pinterest and now designers and celebrities are getting on board.  These porcelain and enamel flower headbands by Dolce and Gabbanna are showing up everywhere.  But, in case you can’t afford the hefty $1400 price tag, I have found some more bridal appropriate and affordable options on Etsy!   Enjoy!

dolce-gabbana-flower-headband Enamel-porcelain-flower-headbands

Found on Etsy Shops – Be Something New AND Ionkoosh

Bridal Hair and Makeup by Hair Comes the Bride – Our Beautiful Bride Rosemary

Hair and Makeup by Hair Comes the Bride (of course)!

Earrings by Bridal Jewelry Boutique

Photography by (the always fabulous) Christine Bentley – We LOVE her!!!

Custom Designed Wedding Gown by Dorie Kong

Bridal Hair and Makeup by Hair Comes the BrideBridal Hair and Makeup by Hair Comes the Bride Bridal Hair and Makeup by Hair Comes the Bride Bridal Hair and Makeup by Hair Comes the Bride  Bridal Hair and Makeup by Hair Comes the Bride Bridal Hair and Makeup by Hair Comes the Bride Bridal Hair and Makeup by Hair Comes the Bride Bridal Hair and Makeup by Hair Comes the Bride Bridal Hair and Makeup by Hair Comes the Bride Bridal Hair and Makeup by Hair Comes the Bride Bridal Hair and Makeup by Hair Comes the Bride Bridal Hair and Makeup by Hair Comes the Bride Bridal Hair and Makeup by Hair Comes the Bride Bridal Hair and Makeup by Hair Comes the Bride

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