Bridal Style Inspiration – Milk Maid Braids

Everywhere you look there are more and more earthy bohemian looks.  The milk maid braid is one of these looks that is a great choice for the natural, trendy yet bohemian bride.  Milk maid braids are so hot that even designers like Valentino have used them in their recent runway shows.  Below is a gallery of different variations of the milk maid braid as well as a great how to video we found on YouTube.   Enjoy!

Milk_Maid_Braids_54 Milk_Maid_Braids_53 Milk_Maid_Braids_52 CA: 3RD ANNUAL WOMEN IN MUSIC PARTY Milk_Maid_Braids_50 Milk_Maid_Braids_49 Milk_Maid_Braids_48 Milk_Maid_Braids_47 Milk_Maid_Braids_46 Milk_Maid_Braids_45 Milk_Maid_Braids_44 Milk_Maid_Braids_43 Milk_Maid_Braids_42 Milk_Maid_Braids_41 The Art of Elysium Heaven Gala 2009 Milk_Maid_Braids_39 Milk_Maid_Braids_38 151731974KW068_FOX_s_Fall_E Milk_Maid_Braids_36 Milk_Maid_Braids_35 Milk_Maid_Braids_34 Milk_Maid_Braids_33 Milk_Maid_Braids_32 Milk_Maid_Braids_31 Milk_Maid_Braids_30 Milk_Maid_Braids_29 Milk_Maid_Braids_28 Milk_Maid_Braids_27 Milk_Maid_Braids_26 Milk_Maid_Braids_25 Milk_Maid_Braids_24 Milk_Maid_Braids_23 Milk_Maid_Braids_22 Milk_Maid_Braids_21 Milk_Maid_Braids_20 Milk_Maid_Braids_19 Milk_Maid_Braids_18 Milk_Maid_Braids_17 Milk_Maid_Braids_16 Milk_Maid_Braids_15 The 2011 Unicef Ball - Arrivals Milk_Maid_Braids_13 Milk_Maid_Braids_12 Milk_Maid_Braids_11 Milk_Maid_Braids_10 Milk_Maid_Braids_9 Milk_Maid_Braids_8 Milk_Maid_Braids_7 Milk_Maid_Braids_6 Milk_Maid_Braids_5 Milk_Maid_Braids_4 Milk_Maid_Braids_3 Milk_Maid_Braids_2 Milk_Maid_Braids

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