Trend Alert ~ Bridal Hair Bows

Gorgeous bridal bows are popping up everywhere and we are loving this trend. Bows are a classic way to add a fun, flirty and youthful touch to your wedding day look. Below are some examples of our favorite types of Bridal Bows.

Classic Bridal Bow

Sweet and vintage inspired, this bow is perfect with any sweet, classic or vintage bridal looks.


Feather Bridal Bow

A little on the funkier side, feather bows are perfect for the bride who isn’t afraid to do a little something different with her look.


Big Bridal Bow

If you really want to make a statement, go with a big, girly bow!  Perfect for the offbeat, non-traditional bride!


Rhinestone Bridal Bow

The most elegant and romantic of the choices, a beautiful rhinestone bow adds a touch of sparkle to any bridal look from trendy, to classic to romantic.


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Buying Bridal Accessories Online- What you see is what you get!

Buying online can be scary!  Many brides fear that the item they are purchasing is not truly represented and that when they get their item in the mail they will be disappointed.  Well, we want to make sure that when a bride orders a bridal hair comb, tiara, bridal veil or bridal hair flowers, she is confident that what she sees is what she gets.  So, in order to better ease our bride’s minds, every one of our items including a video detail.  Check out just a few but make sure you visit our Bridal Hair Accessory Store to shop for your perfect look!


Trend Alert- Designer Flower Headbands

Flower hair wreaths and headbands are all over the bridal message boards, bridal blogs and Pinterest and now designers and celebrities are getting on board.  These porcelain and enamel flower headbands by Dolce and Gabbanna are showing up everywhere.  But, in case you can’t afford the hefty $1400 price tag, I have found some more bridal appropriate and affordable options on Etsy!   Enjoy!

dolce-gabbana-flower-headband Enamel-porcelain-flower-headbands

Found on Etsy Shops – Be Something New AND Ionkoosh

Pin It to Win It Contest by Hair Comes the Bride

We love Pinterest!!!  So, we are launching our first “Pin It to Win It” contest.  Follow the instructions below, have fun and good luck!

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Bachelorette Ashley’s Wedding Day Hair

Bachelorette Ashley Inspired Hair

We thought that bachelorette Ashley Hebert looked really beautiful at her recent wedding to JP Rosenbaum.  We decided to replicate the look.  Thanks to our beautiful Hair Comes the Bride bridal coordinator, Melisa for modeling for us!

Bridal Comb by Hair Comes the Bride

Bridal Earrings by Bridal Jewelry Boutique

Trend Alert – Bridal Head Chains

Kim Kardashian being the trend setter that she is started the head chain craze and several other celebrities (and brides) are following in their footsteps.  Here is an overview of the different options of bridal head chains available.  Keep in mind that head chains are trendy and they will date your wedding day look but if you yourself are a trendsetter or are looking for something different for your big day, a beautiful headchain can be just the thing you are looking for!

Simple Across the Forehead Head Chains

You can find head chains and headpieces that are made specifically to be worn across the forehead or you can do what Camila Alves did and use a bracelet as a headpiece.  This style of head chain looks great with any type of hairstyle.

Forehead Bridal Head Chains

Indian Inspired Bridal Head Chain

You don’t need to be having a traditional Indian wedding to wear this type of head ornament.  Many styles are made with pearls and crystals to go with a more traditional wedding day look.  This type of piece looks best with your hair parted down the middle or pulled straight back.

Indian Style Bridal Head Chains

Goddess Head Chains

These head chains are best for the bohemian bride and look best with hair all down parted in the middle (either straight or curly) OR with your hair up in a smooth updo with either your hair parted in the middle or styled straight back.

Goddess Bridal Head Chains

Back Head Chains

These pieces can actually be worn in the back or across the forehead.  They look best with a half updo or with hair worn all down.  If you do wear your hair down with one of these pieces, make sure th put a little back combing underneath your hair wear the piece is secured to make sure it stays put!

Back Piece Bridal Head Chains

More Unique Styles

I also found these other unique styles of head chains including a forehead chain with flower detail, a fabric and beaded head chain and headbands with chain accents that flow onto your forehead.

Unique Bridal Head Chains