That’s What She Said ~ How much are wedding party members obligated to give?

GiftGivingWeddings aren’t always expensive just for the Bride and Groom. The wedding party can have all sorts of expenses. We asked the question; “As a member of the wedding party, do you feel obligated to give gifts at every event?”  Most brides agreed that it isn’t about the gifts; it’s about the celebration. Some suggested the gift of sentiment with homemade goods or little gifts that show appreciation for being a part of their special day. The best gifts can often be priceless… are some of our favorite responses:

“I would think so. I haven’t been in a wedding party, so I really couldn’t say. I do feel though that even just something small, a token of your support for that special occasion, even though you are a part of it, would make the day even better.”  -Christina B.

“I wouldn’t expect a gift at every event from my bridal party. It can get expensive and they are friends/family. I would never want someone to feel obligated. It’s a celebration, not about the gifts.”  -Amanda W.

“It depends. I mean obviously give SOMETHING, but if the wedding is already costing an arm and a leg to be in then not something for every little thing. I didn’t hold it against any of my bridal party members for not giving gifts. It was more important to me that they were there for us and a part of our special day. They already spent enough to travel, get hair and makeup, get their clothing, etc. Why burden them with more money out of their pockets?”  -Jessica W.

“I would/have given gifts for all occasions. There are only a few moments in life that we can celebrate these special occasions together. So I like to give the special couple something to commemorate these moments.”  -Jennifer M.

“It depends on what your gift is, if it’s a big gift no, but if it’s a small gift, yes.”  -Ashley C.

“I think it would be appropriate to give a gift at the shower and wedding. Maybe something off the registry and then something special that I shared with the bride as a sentimental gift…it’s not so much feeling obligated as it is a feeling of wanting to share in the bride and grooms happiness and show my appreciation for choosing me to be apart of the big day.”  -Ashley M.

“I wouldn’t expect my bridesmaids to spend money on me for every event. they are already doing me the honor of being in my wedding and that alone is priceless.”  -Grace N.

“We haven’t had an engagement or shower as, to us, getting married is not about receiving gifts from others. I would rather all of our guests, including our bridal party, remember our wedding with fondness and happiness, and not as a burden that sent them broke! lol. Our bridal party has paid for their own outfits which i think is a gift in itself.”  -Kim T.

“I appreciated the presence of my girls much more than I would have appreciated a present! I love them and enjoy their company way more than I would’ve liked them to buy a present for every occasion along the way.”  -Samantha H.

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That’s What She Said…..Love at First Sight?

Love at first sight?We adore hearing love stories from brides all over the world! The responses we received regarding how brides met their special someone were so moving. It’s always fun to see how love finds everyone; whether you met online, in high school, or at the grocery store. Thank you for sharing your lovely stories with us.

We asked, “How did you meet your fiancé/spouse?”   Here are some of our favorite answers:

“I met my fiance at work. After a meeting, it was raining and he asked me to walk him to his car. I asked if he would drive me to mine afterward and he said “no”. So I said ‘you’re a man, you can walk in the rain then!’  3.5 years later, we are getting married. And now he owns an umbrella.”  -Caitlin M.

“I met my fiance on a rock climbing trip and he was my belayer (the ones that are suppose to watch you and make sure you don’t fall), well something happened and I ended up falling like 15 feet, but he still caught me at the very end so I didn’t hit the ground. So as everyone says, ‘He is my catch.’ ”  -Meghan D.

“I met him at a philanthropy event (pie throwing to raise money), after I threw a pie in his face.”  -Liz S.

“I met my fiance at a halloween party. I was dressed as a bumble bee and he was dressed as Jesus!! We talked all night and went on a date the next morning and we are getting married May 5th! we just had our wedding shower and it was bumble bee themed.”  -Katie P.

“I was rehearsing in the lobby of his apartment building for a play-he saw me and volunteered to help run the stage lights -despite having no experience or real interest in doing so- so we could meet.”  -Kayte C.

“We met during a neighborhood Christmas block party. A friend of mine ran into a group of friends and he was with them. Apparently, I asked him if he liked to travel because he had a Switzerland baseball cap on. It was that question that got him hooked and we’ve been traveling together ever since!”  -Valerie J.

“I first saw Joe my freshman year of high school. He was a junior. I would walk down the same hallway everyday just so I could see him and finally in April I got up the nerve to go talk to him and we’ve been together ever since!”   -Erin M.

“I dated my husband’s best friend for 4 years. My boyfriend was diagnosed with cancer and passed away. Before he died, he asked my husband if he would take care of me. He’s been taking care of me for 9 years now.”  -Stacey B.

“He is a chef and brought out something for me and my girlfriends to sample one night at his restaurant. I thought he was cute so I left my phone number for him with the waiter. I heard from him the next day and have been eating well ever since!”   -Rachel S.

“We met at a World RPS Society Championship (Rock, Paper, Scissors). We both put down the same throws for the first 6 rounds, which is very rare. He won that game but we are both winners in the game of love.”  -Tandy W.

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That’s What She Said…..Wardrobe Change

More Than One Wedding DressEvery bride wants to feel special, elegant, and beautiful in her wedding dress. Generally, when you go dress shopping, you’re looking for “THE ONE”.  Would you want to change out of that wedding dress into a second?  Some brides claim that it’s a good idea to wear a longer dress for the ceremony and a shorter dress for the reception. Others say one amazing dress is expensive enough and brides should get their moneys worth by wearing it the entire day.

We asked, “What do you think of multiple dresses for the wedding day rather than that ONE dress?  Tell us why you would do one or the other!”  Here are some answers that may help you decide:

“It’s fun; can be a little over the top – but fun. It’s the one day that can be completely over the top – have fun with it! 🙂 I had 2 dresses, but 1 was a get-away dress (shorter) because it took multiple people to get me in and out of my princess dress and that didn’t seem fair to my husband! Lol” -Sara C.

“Just because you are princess doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your own comfort on your wedding day. Have the beautiful dress to walk down the aisle and the cute playful number to dance your first night as a Mrs. away. :)” -Trina M.

“I believe in 1 dress! You paid a pretty penny for it and after fittings you develop a relationship with you dress! The way it fits, the color, the way it makes you feel! No other dress can do that for you! I do believe in more than one shoe! I had pink heels for the ceremony and sequenced pink converse sneakers for the reception!” -Veronica R.

“I think you should only have 1 dress. Weddings are so hectic as it is I can’t imagine having to deal with a wardrobe change. I also think is nice to have that one special dress to remember that one special moment in your life.” -Jamie B.

“I only want one dress. I want to enjoy every possible minute of that day & feel like wardrobe changes would take away precious moments that could be spent with my new husband, our family & friends celebrating our special day. Plus, other areas of the budget would benefit from the extra money not spent on a second dress.” -Anne W.

“I’m personally doing just ONE dress. If I’m going to spend that much money on a dress, I want to wear it for as long as possible!” -Kristal B.

“I think the only wardrobe change I would make would be to take off something from the dress. like the tail that would make the dress easier to dance in. Nothing that will take a lot of time!” -Kenia P.

“I prefer only one dress. It has to be the dress and anything else would pale in comparison. If that is the case, why would you ever want to take it off. You only get one day to wear it!” -Patricia A.

“Your perfect dress is like your one true mate, you only need just one.” -Vee O.

“Good I personally had two dresses for my wedding day & loved it this was helped me since my mom wanted me to wear her dress & my mother in law also wanted me to wear hers too (since she only had sons) no one’s feeling were hurt & that caused me less stress on my wedding day ;-).” -Chris S.

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That’s What She Said…..A Moment in Time

AMomentinTimeSometimes life goes by so fast that we forget to cherish every moment, no matter how big or small. Even the stresses of planning a wedding can hinder your ability to truly enjoy your special day with the one you love. From time to time, we need little reminders to slow down and take it all in. We appreciate all of the lovely responses we received and hope reading them can help you relive your own favorite moment!

We asked brides, “If you could relive any moment with your special someone, what would it be and why?”  Here are some of your wonderful responses!

“I would relive our wedding day, because it went by SO incredibly fast that i didnt have a chance to really absorb EVERY moment and detail of our big day.”   -Barbara B.

“I’d relive our first kiss over & over again. It was the moment I knew that my hubby was the one!”   -Chris S.

“Our first date, we went to Knotts Berry Farm for New Years Eve, getting to countdown with hundreds of other people and kissing at midnight with switchfoot playing live on the stage behind us was amazing! That was one of the best dates ever”   -Carrie A.

“The ring exchange at our wedding. Hubby insisted on putting my wedding band on the wrong hand LOL”   -Shannon S.

“The night we met. Because I was a wee bit tipsy and don’t remember much so if I could I would go back and be not as tipsy! Lol”   -Vee O.

“I would relive the first date! It was raining and he couldn’t find the movie theater, but I just laughed and he loved that I didn’t mind. He gave me his jean jacket and we kissed.”   -Debra P.

“I would go back to a night on the beach in California where we sat in the sand and talked. It was cold but it didn’t matter. I fell in love with him there. We are getting married in may on the beach!”   -Katie P.

“I would say our first kiss, but that’s an obvious one-so I will say the first time we had a serious belly laugh together. Like, tears rolling down the cheeks,not able to catch your breath type of laughing. We have so much fun together, and I treasure that.”   -Kayte C.

“The first time I realized I loved him. No other emotion with him will ever hit me the same way. Realizing your in love with someone for the first time knocks the air out of you, makes you giddy, and scares the crap out of you all at the same time, lol.”   -Analia S.

“I can’t choose just one, every single moment is too precious-I want them all.”   -Jenna O.

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That’s What She Said….How I Knew He Was the One

HesTheOneWe enjoyed all of the stories about how you knew your special someone was “THE ONE”. One of our favorite entries said, “When I realized his mere presence made me feel like I was home.” What a beautiful feeling! Most brides said that when you know, you just know. When reading the entries, a Dr. Seuss quote came to mind, “When you are in love you can’t fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams.” Thank you for sharing all of your heartwarming stories!

We asked brides, “What was it about your fiancé (husband, wife, etc.) that you knew he/she was the ONE?”   Here are a few of our favorites!

“He has a bad temper just like I do & he wasn’t afraid to show it on our second date. I loved him just knowing that he could be the real him around me & there were no surprises lurking ;-)”   -Chris S.

“I felt really comfortable with him and could talk about anything. I was going through a rough time when I met him and he stuck by my side through it all =]”   -Kenia P.

“I knew he was something special the minute he opened the car door for me on our first date. It might seem like nothing to others, but it lead the way to show how much of a caring and wonderful gentleman that he is. Ps. 4 years down the road and he still opens the door for me! Lol”   -Amy C.

“When he stood by my side through the death of a friend, celebrated many good milestones with me and slept in a chair next to my hospital bed for 2 nights….I knew he was the one. He even makes sure that my feet are covered with the blanket every morning before he leaves for work at 6am….how can you not love a man like that?”   -Rebecca A.

“When I realized his mere presence made me feel like I was home.”   -Jenna O.

“Before we got engaged I was diagnosed with cancer. While I always knew he loved me I never realized just how much or what he would be willing to go through with me. He’s my rock!”   -Analia S.

“He met everything on my list and more. When you know, you KNOW, no words can describe.”   -Barbara B.

“I knew he was the one when I asked him if he ever got tired of hanging out with me. He said “you never get tired of hanging out with your best friend” i melt. :)”   -Elena M.

“When I was craving sugar cookies and he made me some from scratch. They were ugly, semi-burnt and amoeba-shaped but I loved that he made them for me. They were yummy!”   -Trinh C.

“He would always take care of my when i was sick and looked horrible. He still liked me after i threw up all over him.”   -Lesly C.

That’s What She Said…..Man’s Best Friend

Dog_Ring_BearerHaving four-legged friends walking down the aisle can be a tricky subject. Many people embrace their pets as a part of the family. So, some argue, why wouldn’t you include them in the festivities? Although it’s untraditional, most agree that it is a very cute idea if the canine is well-behaved. One bride mentions how someone at your wedding may be afraid of dogs or even allergic. So, if you are worried that it may be problematic or if you don’t want Uncle John and Cousin Sally to have an allergic reaction, you may want to consider leaving the furry family members at home.

We asked our brides, “Is having a dog as a ring bearer cute or inappropriate?”  Here are some of our favorite answers:

“If we didn’t have a cruise wedding, I would have definitely included my dogs in our ceremony! Maybe not carrying the real rings, but still have them part of it all. :)”   -Heather A.

“Uh, I vote weird. It’s kind of cute, in a “Whoa, this person REALLY loves their pet obsessively” kind of way. lol”   -Kayte C.

“Yes….I love my doggie. If she were trained I would love to have her carry the ring. However, I think she would head straight for the cake and it would be an unforgettable performance.”   -Nathalie B.

“If you have an adorable, well-trained dog, then I would say it’s cute! Not so cute when a mangy dog tramps down the aisle and stops to pee on the wedding guests, lol!! Would make a funny story though! :D”   -Toni Moore

“Cute…but would have to have a perfectly behaved pup. Which I suppose can be just as difficult as getting a 2 year old to do the job, too! :)”   -Kathy T.

“If it’s a smaller ceremony that’s more informal and intimate, very cute and appropriate… a more formal setting or church ceremony, I don’t think it fits. However, including your pets in wedding photos or some other way that shows they’re “part of the family” – totally heartwarming:)”   -Rebecca S.

“It’s inappropriate, you never know who at your wedding is afraid of dogs or even allergic to them.”   -Melissa R.

“Cute cute cute! I love animals so if I saw a come down the aisle as a ring bearer I think it would be pretty cool! They are a mans’ best friend haha maybe they could even take the place of the best man. Just kidding on the last statement”   -Lisa G.

“I say it depends on the bride and groom I would never have mine just because he would think it was a game of chase lol and start going after the flower girl :o) But I have been to one with a pet as long as they are well-behaved it is cute.”   -Rebecca G.

“I think that is the cutest thing in the world to have your dog as the ring bearer. It’s unique different and so non traditional. Your dog is apart of your family. So if you can pull it off then why not!”   -Alaya L.

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That’s What She Said……Throwing a Bridal Shower

women-at-bridal-shower1The bridal shower is a time to spoil the bride. The question is: who throws the big bridal bash? Traditionally, the Maid of Honor is the one to take on the task. Most brides agreed that the responsibility should be evenly distributed among the bridal party to alleviate stress on the MOH. Some still believe that the Maid of Honor should hold the reigns.

We asked brides, “Who’s in charge of hosting? Do you think it is the Maid Of Honor’s duty or a group effort of all the bridesmaids combined?”  Here are some of our favorite answers:

“Usually the Maid of Honor does it but I think if all the bridesmaids did it together it would probably be a better turn out.”   -Jamie C.

“The Maid of Honor could be the leader, but everyone should help out as a group. It takes the pressure off of one person and everyone can help make the bride’s day!”   -Kortney W.

“I think it should be a group effort. The maid of honor should head up the project but the bride chose all the maids for a reason they all are special to her so they should have a hand in planning her special night…..with email, social networking, and smartphones these days there really is no reason the entire group can’t plan a wonderful evening for the bride.”   -Pamala W.

“I think everyone should be involved. The maid of honor has so many other duties and I think it makes the rest of the girls feel like they have more of a role than just walking down the aisle. And with all the girls involved it gives them more ideas of what to do that day, 3,4,5, or 6 heads are better than 1 :)”   -Brandi K.

“I think it’s the MOH’s responsibility to initiate the process and include the members of the wedding party who are willing to physically and financially participate in the shower. Too many times, a few do the work and financially contribute but all take the credit!”   -Maria D.

“Make a group effort!!! What if the maid of honor doesn’t have the funds to throw a beautiful unforgettable shower. With the help of allll the ladies included makes it not so stressful on that one person, And she can Thank allll her ladies for it, not just that one…”   -Tawatha M.

“I think it should be a group effort… I wouldn’t want any one person in charge of that kind of financial responsibility.”   -Jessica H.

“I would like all the bridesmaids to be involved, but that’s easier said than done. I do like the idea of having my Maid of Honor handling it because she would know me the best (I hope) and its one person handling the event rather than different minds trying to make a decision.”   -Vi P.

“I think it should be the maid of honor! That person is probably the person that knows the bride the best and more than likely is her sister or best friend! If others want to help then that would be fantastic!!”   -Marisa W.

“I think it should be a group effort. So in the end the Maid of honor and bridesmaids all feel as though they did something special for the bride-to-be. It’s also a plus if they all didn’t know eachother before planning the bridal shower they will afterwards. It’s a win win for everyone ; )”   Alaya L.

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